Customize Your Deck

Imagine your own custom Tarot deck!
Choose your game, the type of paper, your gilding and or painting of the backs as well as your custom case.


The Design

It is possible to print your own creations in a traditional way. Plan ahead to have the images ready to be printed. A time of treatment, layout and test printing is necessary to provide you with the best possible finish ( 500€ + price of the deck )

The Choice of Paper

The workshop offers only the best handmade papers available to make your custom cards. Kartograme selects for you an optimal thickness for the cards: a 78 cards deck will have thinner cards than a 22 cards deck. The corners are rounded unless otherwise requested.

The Gildings

The gilding of the edges enhances the energy of your Tarot. The application of the real gold leaf is long and delicate. Each card is finally varnished individually on its 4 edges to ensure the durability of the finish.

Hand painted backs

The precious patinas make your tarot absolutely unique. They are real artistic creations inspired by the random character of nature. The sensible finition is obtained by the superposition of glazes worked in a variation of gestures and colors.

The custom made boxes

Protective and cosy: the boxes are made to the measures of your deck. They are the solution to preserve your handcrafted or manufactured Tarots and your collectibles. We use certified paper and cardboard for conservation. Choisissez vos couleurs dans notre sélection de similicuirs et de papiers marbrés pour créer votre étui sur mesure .

To obtain your personalized quote, please specify each of the options you have chosen. Kartograme will answer you within 10 days 
The manufacturing time of a custom game can vary from 1 to 6 months depending on the options