Wirth artisanal 22 Cards

  • Traditional fabrication process including:
  • HD printing, traditional gluing, smoothing, hand cutting and corner rounding
  • Each set is made one by one. It is identifiable by its numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.
  • Presented in a traditional envelope sealed with a satin ribbon and a wax seal.
  • Protected by a velvet pouch
  • The options:
  • Each option is described in detail on the "Custom deck" page
Weight 0,25 g
the gilding

Tranches Dorées 22, Tranches Naturelles

The Paper

Papier Artisanal Français, Papier Washi Japonais

The Boxes

Boite de Collection, Pochon Velours

The Backs

Dos Assortits: Brun foncé, Dos historique: papier naturel, Dos Métallisés ou Peints à la Main 22


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The Oswald Wirth Tarot contains 22 cards illustrated in a precious and delicate Art Deco style.

The images were published in 1927 as a supplement to the book Tarot des imagiers du Moyen Age, by the same author

The artist is largely inspired by French Freemasonry and the alchemical tradition. He includes in his compositions alchemical, kabbalistic and astrological symbols, making his Tarot an iconographic bridge between the traditional Marseille decks and the Anglo-Saxon tarots.

For users who love mysticism

The edition proposed by Kartograme is differentiated by the treatment of the background voluntarily darkened to install a hushed atmosphere conducive to inspiration.

Card's size : 7,5 x 14 cm