Faithfully reproduce the effect of a real woodblock print


The perfect harmony of content and form

Once made, your handmade deck provides an exceptional visual and sensory experience. As close as possible to what a period tarot deck could be. The manufacturing process takes several weeks, including hours of delicate paper processing alternating with several days of drying.



The images are rendered identically by digital printing in fine art giclée: A print definition superior to the separating power of the eye.
Each card is laid out under a calibrated light. The printing is also calibrated with a colorimetric probe.

The card is assembled by gluing several sheets of paper together with a reversible glue specifically developped for card making
The front paper, the core of the card and the back paper are glued and dried under press.

The cards are hand smoothed with soap and stone.
Each smoothed card is a story that awakens: the color deepens, the faces wake up and the scenery comes to life.
If this work is most laborious, it remains in my opinion the step that most differentiates a handmade deck from an industrial deck.

Each card is cut in 2 steps: the double cut
roughing then precision in order to guarantee a homogeneity of size satisfactory for a handcrafted game.
To protect your game: several options are available, from a velvet pouch to a custom case