About Kartograme

If the tarot is first of all a game, it can also be a guide for the work on oneself. Knowing ourselves better helps us to develop our relationships and to renew our world so that it evolves favorably.

Kartograme is a company that is dedicated to the handmade and customized production of tarot cards with the intention of passing on the most authentic decks to future generations. In this way we create precious and durable objects that can survive the ravages of time. From now on, an offer of manufactured tarot cards (made in factory in limited series) is available to allow the greatest number of people to have access to historical tarot cards.

Agnes Kappler

creative artisan

My path sometimes resembles the corridors of a labyrinth.

After a career as a geologist in the mining industry, I turned to creation through painting, which I began to practice during my trips to the Americas and the Balkans.

Back in my native land in 2014, I wanted to create a professional project that was truly in line with my humanistic values and my enthusiasm for the arts.

One day, I was standing in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, with a tarot in my pocket, looking at it for a while? for a moment I felt surrounded by all these sculpted stones and by the sacred energy of the place. I then imagined that I would make handmade cards so that the ancient imagery of the Tarot would be in harmony with its material: handmade cards on natural and sensitive paper.

During the following years, I dedicated my time to find the techniques of the craftsmen who had not been used since the industrialization - and therefore not passed on for hundreds of years. I formulated glue recipes and tested all papers in order to be able to make these Tarot cards again as the first printers did in the Renaissance.

As of 2019, I have a degree in decorative painting and now offer hand painted designs on the back of cards.

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